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Tom Brady Super Bowl ad jokingly reveals real reason he joined Tampa Bay



WASHINGTON — Well Buccaneers fans, you have spotty cell phone service to thank for bringing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to Tampa Bay. Well, at least that’s the joke in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad. 
The commercial is set one year ago with Brady in Boston calling a retired Gronkowski in Florida, asking whether it’s time for him to hang up the cleats and call it a career. 
“I got one word for you: retirement,” Gronkowski tells Brady. “If you retire now, you’re gonna be walking on soft sand in a week. Just come to Florida and feel the wind in your hair. Retirement is like winning another one. Maybe I’ll even join you.”
But T-Mobile’s ad jokes that because of a spotty cell phone network, Brady heard a different message from his former teammate. 
“If you retire now…you’re soft and weak…Just come to Florida and win another one. Maybe I’ll even join you,” is what Brady heard Gronkowski say. 
“Just go win another one, like it’s that easy Gronk. Maybe it is,” Brady remarks, before the ad jumps forward to a press conference where the six-time Super Bowl champion announces his goal is to “win one more and Gronk’s coming with me.” 
But the big move is news to Gronkowski, who we see sitting on the couch enjoying his retirement. 
“I’m retired from retiring?” Gronk asks. “Mom! Where’s my football pants?”
Brady and Gronkowski won three Super Bowls together as teammates on the New England Patriots, before Gronkowski’s short-lived retirement. Now they’re reunited in Tampa Bay and looking to win another championship when they face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. 
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