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Class: 9 Laws of Conscious Creation



We all have notions in our mind that hold us back and most of us don’t even realize they’re effecting us. Kris Krohn has spent the past 7 years mentoring people on the power of their thoughts.

The 9 Laws of Conscious Creation focuses on principles that enable a person to create the life they want. There is a step by step process to creating abundance, health, and personal power in your life.


About the instructor Kris Krohn: Kris Krohn achieved extraordinary success at a young age. He purchased his first investment property while a college student and owned 12 properties by the time he graduated. A year later he had bought his 25th home and replaced his job with a six-figure investment income allowing him to retire at the age of 26.

Kris has manifested financial independence for himself and his parents, authored two groundbreaking books on wealth, experienced personal body mastery, and launched a company that is nearing its first billion-dollar impact on the US economy. Kris attributes his achievements to one factor above all — the dozens of mentors who guided him through every step of his life.

Thanks to them, he learned and applied the Six Laws of Success, and mastered the skill of manifestation in every area of his life. Kris became a mentor himself, and today he commands fees up to $30,000 for his one-on-one guidance.

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