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Does The Media Focus On Donald Trump’s Behaviour To Stop People From Seeing The Big Picture?



Does The Media Focus On Donald Trump’s Behaviour To Stop People From Seeing The Big Picture?

It is not uncommon to hear people talk about how bad Donald Trump is, and they could have a number of different reasons as to why they have come to this conclusion. In fact, they might not even feel the need to go into why they have this outlook.

It’s Obvious

As far as they are concerned, it could be something that is perfectly clear; one could then find it strange if someone has a different perspective. The evidence is there, and if someone can’t see this, they must have something wrong with them

Or, if this is not the case, it could be seen a sign that they are not aware of the kinds of things that he has done. Therefore, if they were to have the same understanding as them, it would enable them to come to the same conclusion.

The Source

When one perceives Trump in this way, it can be the result of what they have heard about from the mainstream media. Their mind would then have gradually been influenced by what they have seen on TV, read in the paper, heard on the radio and read about online.

But while they are paying attention to this source when it comes to what Trump is like, it doesn’t mean that this is anything new. There is a strong chance that this is has taken place for most of their life.


Ergo, in the same way that one would go to a supermarket if they wanted to buy food; they can look towards the mainstream media to be informed about the world. This source of information is going to have a big effect on how they view the world.

And as this is likely to be a relationship that has developed over a number of years, one can feel completely comfortable with letting down their guard. There can then be no reason for them to question what they hear.

One Purpose

Yet, if this source is simply there to inform people, there is going to be no reason for one to cast a critical eye over what they are exposed to. Also, one could be too busy to do their own research, and so they can be more than happy to rely on this source.

And as a presidential election will soon take place, it is to be expected that the mainstream media would want to talk about the candidates. After all, this will allow people to decide who the best person to vote for is.

A Balanced Approach

If they were not given the opportunity to find out about each candidate, it wouldn’t be possible for them to make the right decision. Instead, they could end up going for the wrong person, and this could lead to all kinds of problems down the line.

Fortunately, the mainstream media exists to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and it could then be said that this is the only purpose they have. When this doesn’t take place, not only will they not being doing their job; they will also be letting their fellow human beings down.

Two Options

And although there are more than two candidates to choose from, it is clear that only Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can win the election. Due to this, the mainstream media has a lot to say about these two people.

When it comes to what they are like, it has been said that Hillary is a better candidate than Trump. This partly comes down to the fact that he has said offensive things about women, and he wants to build a wall, amongst other things.

A New Era

On the other hand, Hillary is generally seen as someone who has nothing to hide, and she has helped a lot of people through her foundation, for instance. Not only this, she would also be the first female president.

Through the experience she has in politics and her interest in helping others, she can be seen as the best option. Trump could be seen as a liability, and as someone who shouldn’t be given that much power.

Two Extremes

Hillary is then someone who you would be happy to be friends with, but Trump is someone who you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near. The former doesn’t have a checkered background and she comes across well, the latter does have one and he doesn’t come across as well.

Based on this, any sane human being is going to vote for Hillary Clinton, and if someone votes for Trump, they must have problems. Said another way, the people who are intelligent are the ones who support Hillary.

The Big Illusion

However, if someone was to take a step back from the mainstream media and to look into other news sources, they might begin to see that it is not this black and white. For one thing, they might start to see that while Trump has said some bad things, Hillary has done bad things.

It could then be said that the mainstream media has to make Trump look like the worst candidate to make sure that people don’t realise how Corrupt Hillary is. Along with this, this new source doesn’t exist to inform people; it exists to control people.

The Same Money

As a result of this, the people who are behind the mainstream media are also behind Hillary Clinton. These people don’t care about America; they are only concerned with their own agenda.

Now, this is not to say that Donald Trump is therefore perfect, as this is clearly not the case. But while Hillary is there to please the globalists behind the scenes, it appears as though Trump is there to represent the American people.


As the mainstream media is owned by the same people who support Hillary, it is not much of a surprise to hear that they will do everything they can to make sure that Trump doesn’t win. It is then going to be in one’s best interest to look to other sources of information in order to decide who the best candidate is.

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