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3 Lessons We Can Take From Buddhist Philosophy

Anyone who’s looking to find refuge from the anxiety of today’s world would be wise to take note from Buddhist philosophy. Though thousands of years old, the teachings of Buddhism are always relevant, as they concern how we treat others and ourselves. If you’re feeling lost, these takeaways will be able to help guide you.

Free Yourself from Attachments

Desire for material goods and other attachments can be hugely detrimental to our search for happiness. You’ve probably at least once told yourself that you’ll be happy once you have a certain possession or attain a certain status. It certainly feels good to have nice things and to reach goals, but they shouldn’t be what makes us happy. Happiness should come from within. The next time you find yourself desiring something, really think about that feeling. Realize that attachment is an impulse that doesn’t need to be satisfied. The less restrained you feel by attachment, the freer you can be overall.

You Write Your Own Destiny

Buddhist philosophy teaches that we are responsible for how our lives turn out. There are external factors, but our decision-making is what really matters. Growth comes through times of struggle. If you’re going to a particularly tough time in changing any issues such as addiction, the Four Noble Truths can help in seeing how you can frame your problem. When you have a better understanding of the problem, you end up with a better understanding of the solution. If you help yourself, you can then help others. This allows you to bring so much more joy to the world.

You Show Who You Are Through Your Treatment of Others

Do you consider yourself to be a good person? If so, is it because you don’t do harm to others or because you actively help and support them? Being moral is about more than not doing bad. It’s also about contributing love and kindness to the world at all costs. Buddhist philosophy teaches you to be thoughtful and generous to all, from your next-door neighbor to an ant on the sidewalk. With Buddhist philosophy, you can see the soul in everyone and everything around you.

Buddhist philosophy isn’t something you can pick up only when it suits you. Even if your life is going well, you should hold onto these lessons as you work to shape yourself into your best possible version. Each of these can make a difference in your life and the lives of others, but it’s up to you to put them into consistent practice.

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