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First Time Taking the Family to Canada? Read This First!

Canada is a beautiful country that can make a great vacation destination for any family. However, unless you like the idea of setting out on a trip and just winging it, there are some things you should consider before you go. Here are three things you should know for your first time taking the family to Canada to make sure you can have the best time with the least hassle.

Getting There in Style

It’s important to take into account the time of year when you’ll be vacationing in Canada. The best times for families to make the trip north can vary, based on a few factors. Where you plan to go can really affect when you want to go there. Areas like Montreal, for example, tend to get extremely cold in the winter, so don’t expect it to be a nice winter retreat if you aren’t prepared for the snow. June through September is peak tourism season, especially for the more populated cities, so go early unless you like the crowds.

Know What You Need to Pack

Even if you manage to get to Canada, you won’t be doing much if you don’t bring any supplies with you. You’ll want to make sure you have basic essentials, as well as extra winter clothes if you’re going during the colder months. Getting larger items to your vacation home or hotel, however, is another matter. According to Need a US Address, despite the close distance, shipping to Canada from the U.S. can involve a number of fees and challenges. In fact, it can be so challenging that it’s actually often easier for Canadians to ship to someplace in the U.S. and then drive and pick it up. As such, the best times for families to bring these kinds of things with them on vacation are when they know someone in Canada who can come to get them.

Crossing the Border

Crossing the border into Canada brings more considerations. According to the Canada Border Services Agency, there are certain items you can and cannot bring while you’re traveling. That holds true for travel by car and by plane, the latter having its own regulations consistent with the U.S. airline you’re traveling on. Additionally, make sure you and your family members have got your valid passports on hand. Having these things ready before you get to the border will save you a lot of hassle and time when you get to the crossing point. 

Vacationing in Canada is a great experience for the whole family, no matter where you go. Remember these three things to ensure you have a safe and successful trip.

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