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Four Ways You’re Cleaning Your Bathroom Incorrectly

It seems like cleaning the bathroom takes forever. Scrubbing toilets, bathtubs, countertop surfaces, cleaning floors, and taking care of any mold or mildew deposits are tiresome chores, but must be maintained. In such a damp, enclosed area as the bathroom, germs flourish as nowhere else in the house. To make your bathroom a safe and healthy place, it’s important to pay attention to the four areas you’re likely cleaning incorrectly.

1. The Floor

Bathroom floors can be grimy from high traffic and are covered with germs from other areas of the room. Start with a dry floor and vacuum it completely using a hard floor attachment. A built-in vacuum system will give you a quality clean with little effort. If you have tile floors, scrub them with a solution of bleach and water. Wash vinyl or wood floors with the appropriate cleaning solution.


2. The Tub

While most of us keep the surfaces of our bathtubs clean, it’s important not to miss the inside of the drain. Keep this clean by flushing with vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water a few times a year. This reduces clogs and keeps your drain fresh. Also, if you have tile, clean your grout monthly with straight bleach and an old toothbrush.


3. The Toilet

Simply wiping the surfaces with a paper towel and antibacterial cleaner is all right for every day, but for a complete clean, it’s necessary to use bleach. Germs stay in the toilet even after it is flushed. You may want to consider using a drop-in bleach tablet in the back of your toilet. Also, make sure your toilet brush is completely clean after each use. Pour straight bleach over the bristles and rinse with clean water. Then soak the brush holder in hot soapy water.


4. The Towels

Damp towels harbor bacteria. Make sure you change your hand towels every few days, laundering them in the hottest water possible. This can help you avoid wiping germs back onto your hands. For bath towels, change these frequently as well. Make sure they are spread out on the drying rod to dry completely.


In general, make sure you run your exhaust fan for half an hour after each shower or bath. This will cut down on the humidity, giving bacteria less room to grow. If you don’t have a fan, open the window for at least an hour each day. You’ll find that having a sparkling clean, germ-free bathroom is worth the effort.

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