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Dogs make wonderful companions, but they can also create quite a mess in the home. They shed, they can drool, and they bring in a lot of dirt from the outside. If you have a dog and are struggling with keeping your house neat, there are some tips that can help you maintain your home while still enjoying having a pet.

Clean Your Carpets

A lot of homeowners have their carpets cleaned as a way of keeping their home healthy and refreshed. If you have a dog, you may want to have this job performed more often. If your dog is prone to leaving paw prints behind, drooling or urinating on the carpet, it’s a good idea to have your rugs done every six months or so. You might have to take special steps if your dog continues to urinate on your carpet to discourage them from continuing.

Give Them Regular Baths

Making sure that your dog is clean will help keep your home clean. Try to incorporate a bath into your dog’s weekly routine. You can give them additional baths if they have been outside and have gotten messy. If your dog isn’t a fan of baths, you can see if your pet would enjoy spending the afternoon at a local pet spa in your area. They may enjoy being outside and using the hose on a hot day. The right soaps and shampoos can help keep your dog smelling fresh and clean throughout the week.

Have the Right Equipment

There are a lot of pet-based products on the market right now. The most important item to have in your home is a vacuum that is designed to pick up dog hair effectively. You should strive to vacuum daily or every other day to cut down on the amount of dog hair that is around your home. This can make a big difference in how clean everything stays. Pet hair rollers can be used for a quick cleanup of furniture and clothing.

Having a clean home and a dog are things that you can do at the same time. Some dog breeds tend to be a bit neater than others. Regardless of the type of dog that you have and their daily habits, putting a grooming and cleaning schedule in place will help to keep everything much more organized and clean.

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