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Techniques That Can Help You Through a Mental Health Crisis

Dealing with mental health issues is oftentimes a silent struggle. It might feel like no one really understands or even recognizes what you are dealing with. At its worst, a mental health crisis can be completely debilitating. There are some things you can do to help combat a mental health crisis so that things don’t spiral deeper out of control.


Meditation can have a variety of positive health benefits for just about anyone, but it is a great tool for those suffering from mental health struggles. When your mind seems to spiral out of control and you feel as though you can no longer focus or find your mind drawn to ruminating on the seeming hopelessness of your situation, meditation can help focus and redirect those thoughts in a more positive way. There are plenty of ways to practice mindfulness that can aid your mental health. Simply doing deep-breathing exercises and clearing your mind can be extremely helpful because it not only helps calm yourself emotionally but also forcefully curbs the fight-or-flight response triggered by the stress of your current crisis.


Journaling can be a great way to help organize your thoughts and emotions when you can’t seem to pin anything down. Being able to visually see your emotions and the problems you’re facing can help you organize your thoughts and form a strategy for how to move forward. Simply getting your thoughts and emotions out on paper can help with the coping process immensely, giving you a way to deal with what you’re feeling in a more tangible way. Freewriting exercises are also great for dealing with mental health issues. Simply write the first things to come to mind, regardless of how nonsensical they may seem. It essentially puts your pure unfiltered thoughts and emotions on paper so that you can truly analyze and cope with what you’re feeling.

Know When to Get Help

The most important part of getting through a mental health crisis is knowing when to get help. While we all want to try to handle things on our own, it’s okay to get help when needed. If you ever feel like you might be a danger to yourself, or feel like you are just giving up, seek help from a professional who can make sure your mental health needs are met.

Mental health problems can be a struggle, but with the right techniques, you can turn what might seem like an impossible task at the time into something more manageable. Just remember that no matter how bleak things may look, you’re never alone, and there are always places you can turn for help and support if you need them.

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