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The Truth Behind Common Adoption Myths

Featured Image: {A Guardian Angel Adoption Agency}

Many common adoption myths may sway prospective parents in the other direction. If you are considering adoption, then you may want to separate what is fact from pure fiction. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth behind the issue:

Myth #1: Adoption Costs a Fortune

This myth is wrong. While it can cost upwards of $20,000 to adopt a child internationally, you can adopt within the United States without paying an exorbitant amount of money. When using the foster care system and Children’s Services, the state will often pay or almost every expense. Because there are so many children waiting in the area in which you live, you can often find the perfect match without paying a cent.

Myth #2: Foster Kids Are Troubled and Problematic

Sure, there have been some “foster kids” that have given a bad name to the whole group. However, they are typical children who have been through a great deal. They may need counseling, medication, and a strong support system to overcome past trauma and other challenges. Some people listen to highly publicized cases about this topic and assume that this will happen to all foster children. Most foster children go on to live happy, healthy, and crime-free lives.

Myth #3: You Must Be Married to Adopt

Many states once had this law. However, these days, anyone can adopt. It comes down to being able mentally and financially to take care of the child. Florida once banned gay adoptions, but the state now welcomes people from all walks of life to adopt.

Myth #4: It Takes Years to Find and Adopt a Child

It depends on the route that you take with adoption. If you go through a state-based agency, then the average time it takes to meet the child you will adopt is 1-12 months. Most states require that the child lives in the home for at least six months before the adoption paperwork can be filed. From the filing point, it takes anywhere from 3-6 months to get your day in court. It all depends on how busy the court docket is in your jurisdiction.

Myth #5: Only Mentally or Physically Ill Children Are Available

One of the craziest common adoption myths around is that only sick children are available. People usually do not put up a child for adoption because they are sick, and they cannot handle their needs, though it does happen. In most instances, a child is taken into protective custody because the parents have a drug or alcohol problem and are ignoring the needs of the child. Some mothers do elect adoption at the infant stage when they feel that their child would be better with someone else.


There are so many rumors and myths that you may have a difficult time separating truth from lies. However, you can find some great children from infant to 17 years of age that need loving homes. It does not matter if you use a public adoption center or go to a private agency the fact is that you find the child that is meant to be yours and build a life with them.


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