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Tips and Tricks for Staying In Control During Your Family Road Trip

Taking a road trip with the family can be a fun and affordable way to see many different sights that you would otherwise miss if traveling by plane. But a road trip with children, especially young ones, can also be stressful. Careful planning and packing can help you stay in control during your trip and reduce stress among the entire family. The following tips and tricks can help you prepare for your family road trip.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils can help promote a specific mood or feeling when diffused in the air. Some essential oils can be very stimulating while others can be calming and soothing. There are essential oil diffusers that are specifically designed for use in the car. You can choose some of the more relaxing oils like lavender, chamomile, or bergamot to help the entire family relax and prepare for some quiet time in the car. When you’re planning an adventure or sightseeing, using an uplifting oil like peppermint or citrus can energize and prepare everyone for the day’s events.

Healthy Snacks

Snacks are one of the most important things to pack when you’re traveling with children. It can be helpful to pack mostly healthy snacks for the parents and the children. Be sure to also includes a few treats that children don’t always get to eat at home. Save the special snacks for difficult times and use the healthy snacks when you know they just need something to hold them over until the next meal. Some great travel snacks include string cheese, bananas, pre-washed apples, clementines, fruit pouches, jerky, trail mix, and crackers.

Don’t Forget Car Activities

It’s a good idea to pack a variety of car-friendly activities for your children. If your kids are of reading age, they can play the license plate game or road trip bingo. There are printables available online of these types of games. For younger kids, it can be helpful to pack some new books and possibly a portable DVD player or tablet to occupy them. You can also purchase some new inexpensive toys to hand out when nothing else seems to work.

Wonderful memories can be made during family road trips. To minimize the stress of these trips you should pack plenty of snacks, fun activities, and consider diffusing essential oils in the car for relaxation or invigoration. With careful planning and preparation, you can enjoy your trip and provide your children with vacation memories to last a lifetime. For more tips on keeping control and energy during tricky situations, check out our other articles!



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