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Tips for Keeping it Simple and Classy in Boho Style

Featured Image Credit: Hope Avenue Dresses

Looking to change up your style without doing anything wild? There are many ways to express yourself with fashion, but one of the most popular ones right now is boho-chic. With flowing fabrics, natural colors, lots of flowers, and fun accessories, boho-chic clothing can be a lot of fun to experiment with. If you want to try this style, but don’t feel like going whole-hog, here are some ideas to get you started.

Add a Hat or Sunglasses

A hat or sunglasses can do wonders to your look and keep you shielded from the sun, which is a must for summer. Go for straw or floppy styles of hats, or classic round shades, with or without brightly colored lenses. Try to keep your hat in neutral earth tones so it can match any combination of your outfits.

Mix it Up

Mix up your accessories to take an outfit from predictable to unexpected. Try small chain necklaces, macramé bracelets, or dangly earrings. Fancy woven belts can also work well to pull everything together. Once you find what you like, don’t be afraid to wear them over and over again to make your go-to outfits look a little more complete. You can always try new combinations of your favorites to add more spice.

Tassel Time

Tassels have been a huge trend for the past few years, and with good reason. They are swingy, light, and can add a little pep to your step. Opt for a simple bag with a tassel pull or a suede one with fringe. You can even find earrings and necklaces with brightly colored tassels. Add one tasseled accessory to your look, and you are all set to make a statement. However, because they swing so much, tassels draw attention to whatever area they are, so make sure you want to focus on that accessory.

Festival Fever

If there is one place where bohemian-style dress is widespread, it is music festivals. There is something about being outside in nature, jamming to music, and dancing like nobody’s watching that goes hand-in-hand with boho looks. This is especially the case at Coachella. Light layers and even the simplest of pieces are pulled together to create eye-catching looks. While you might not be going to a festival anytime soon, see what people are wearing to it. Consider wearing a simple headband, patterned jacket, or bell-sleeved dress on top of what you are already rocking for some California cool vibes.

Sole Sisters

Celebrities known for their affinity for bohemian clothes, such as the Olsen sisters, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller have more than just their fashion preferences in common. They also know how important shoes are to bringing a look together. Suede or leather boots and gladiator sandals help you put your best foot forward. Make sure your shoes are comfortable but have a more earthy look to them.

These looks are great for wherever you are going, whether it is work or play. Your style is one of the best ways to express who you are, so don’t be afraid to dress in what you love and what is comfortable for you.

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