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What to Know Before Teaching Your Kids to Cook

Cooking is a valuable life skill that every parent should teach their kids if they want them to live healthier and more balanced lives. Kitchen skills also teach independence and money management skills since eating out for every meal can get expensive quickly. So whether your child is going off to college, or you just want him or her to learn the basics of cooking to prepare them for adult life, continue reading.

Start Small

Cooking can be as easy or complex as you make it. But since your child may not have prior knowledge of how to prepare a dish, start small. Raw Spice Bar suggests you begin by teaching him or her about spices. Then teach them about measuring cups and washing produce. Then cover a few basic meals, like soups, smoothies, salads and sandwiches. Let him or her watch you in the kitchen first. Then give your child more freedom during his or her next lesson. Have him or her stir the pot or chop up some veggies. Give your child a little more independence each time you’re in the kitchen, and set him or her loose when you think he or she is ready.

Kitchen Safety

Once you’ve finished teaching the basics, it’s time to move on to kitchen safety. Cover everything from working with knives to dealing with hot appliances. According to GBW Law, underestimating the temperature of a dish or pot can lead to burns, so emphasize the importance of wearing mitts when handling the stove and oven. If your child does sustain a burn, make sure that you get their injury taken care of as soon as possible so there aren’t too many long-lasting negative effects. To prevent serious cuts and injuries, always supervise younger children in the kitchen as they may not be old enough to execute the proper judgment.

The Importance of Cleaning Up

Cleaning up is just as vital as creating the meal itself. Teach children how to wash off all of the equipment used throughout the cooking process. Also, instruct them on how to wipe down the counters and store leftover food. Teaching them how to clean up will help them to become more responsible human beings. Teaching them how to clean all the equipment used to make the meal will also help to make sure that your kitchen utensils won’t be ruined in the clean-up process.

Get your children and teens excited about cooking, and you’ll never have to worry about them fending for themselves. When passing down this skill, make sure to start small, teach proper safety precautions and emphasize the importance of the cleanup stage. Who knows, maybe your kids will teach you a cooking tip or two in the future?

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