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Why Summer Roads Are the Most Dangerous of All

Restless kids and questionable roadside bathrooms are both things that can cause headaches for parents during summer road trips. Between dealing with extra traffic on the road to paying increased fuel and lodging prices, sometimes it’s best to reconsider the timing of your family adventure. Here are three things that might make you question the timing of your summer road trip.

Summer Driving Can Be More Expensive

Gas formulas are different in the winter versus the warmer summer months to minimize pollution to the environment. Since producing these different formulas requires different processes, gas prices are generally higher in the summer versus the fall or winter. Additionally, lodging on the road can be more expensive due to the higher demand of others traveling at the same time.

More Cars on the Road

Adverse road conditions, such as those caused by inclement weather, are easier to manage than encounters with distracted drivers. Having more drivers on the road means that there’s a higher chance that people are driving distracted by other factors, whether it be entertainment, other passengers or navigating unfamiliar areas. These situations are very dangerous, particularly for teens. It creates a headache for parents who not only have to pay attention to other drivers on the road but also ensure the comfort of restless passengers.

Longer Wait Times for Roadside Assistance

Higher traffic volume on the roads means a higher frequency of breakdowns and requests for roadside assistance. If you experience a breakdown while on a summer road trip, you may experience longer wait times for roadside assistance. Before you set off on a long road trip, take some time to do some basic car maintenance, including a visual inspection of your tires, brake pads and motor oil. Tasks like checking tire pressure during stops can potentially prevent a blown tire from impeding on your fun.

Overall, distracted driving, especially for teens, is one of the biggest dangers which make summer roads more dangerous than driving at other times of the year. If you choose to embark on a road trip, make sure to adequately prepare in advance by conducting basic preventative maintenance on your car. Pack plenty of snacks and water in case you encounter extreme weather or long stretches of roads without facilities, and be prepared to spend a little extra both at the pump and the motel. Most importantly, have fun on your adventure and keep your eyes on the road.

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