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4 Natural Ways to Get More Out of the Sleep You’re Getting


Having a new child can make just about anyone tired and sleepy especially after a few months have passed. Most new parents I meet seem like they are walking through a sleepy haza. Unfortunately, not being able to sleep throughout the night can have significant effects on your upcoming morning. Considering that you’ll have a lot to do, you don’t want a lack of sleep ruining your day. With that in mind, here are four natural tips to help you feel like you got a full night’s rest.

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the best ways to sleep more soundly throughout the night is with the help of lavender. Many people prefer to use lavender essential oils in the room where they’ll be sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation reports that lavender can calm you, preparing you for a more efficient night’s sleep. Most essential oil manufacturers, like doTERRA, offer lavender as a sleep aid, as well as for lowering anxiousness and other feelings of stress.

Valerian Root

Throughout history, this powerful ingredient has been shown to help reduce the feelings of anxiety. Valerian root has been shown to be incredibly beneficial for increasing feelings of calmness. You’ll typically find valerian root available in most stores in the form of a capsule..

Chamomile Tea

If you need to have a drink before bed, skip the sodas and avoid alcohol. Both of those beverages actually work to keep you awake longer. Instead, consider reaching for a nice warm glass of chamomile tea. Healthline reports this type of tea has been shown to have calming effects. This means that drinking a nice glass of this tea can help even the most restless sleepers get their full eight hours of rest.


If the previous remedies aren’t working, you’ll want to try melatonin. This hormone is naturally found within our bodies. For various reasons, some people have a harder time producing enough of this naturally-occurring hormone for adequate rest. It’s best to start with a lower amount of melatonin, usually 1-2 mg to get started. If this doesn’t work, you can try using 3-5 mg.

If these remedies are unable to work on you, consider reducing your caffeine intake. In addition, others have found that starting an exercise program can help induce a restful state at the end of the day. There are many other ways to help you feel better rested from the sleep that you’re already getting. It’s wise to try each of these methods, as results vary for everyone — what works for your friend might not work for you.

Keep in mind that your child will need to also be sleeping through the night at this point, and to make sure to check with your doctor on incorporating any of these methods, particularly oils around the house, to make sure you and your baby will not be negatively affected. Hopefully, with this, you can become a well-rested parent with a well-rested baby.


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