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Hair We Are: 3 Botanical Ingredients That Can Benefit Your Hair

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to choose the best options to help improve the health of your hair. Some of these products aren’t actually good for this purpose and can result in your hair getting in worse condition. Thankfully, there are some natural botanicals that can help increase your hair’s health without destroying it any further. With that said, here are three common botanical ingredients that can be used to make your hair strong and beautiful.

Camellia Flower Oil

The first botanical that can be used for your hair is called camellia flower oil. According to Artego, camellia flower seeds come from the tea plant, which is rich in vitamins A, B, and E and prevents skin and hair aging and dehydration. In addition, it can help grow your hair quicker and stronger than many other products. As a result of this, several companies have started putting it in some of their products. It’s no wonder the Japanese culture has incorporated this ingredient for many years.

Green Tea

You could also use green tea. According to Japanese Green Tea Co., green tea has many health benefits because this botanical is full of catechins, which helps reduce dihydrotestosterone, or DTH. Many people don’t realize it, but DTH is what is responsible for hair loss. In addition to helping reduce the loss of hair, green tea also helps get rid of dryness and reduce the amount of dandruff on your scalp. Another ingredient found in green tea is called polyphenol, which is great for the roots and follicles. This can also lead to an increase in the regrowth of your hair.


Another beneficial ingredient comes from the flowers of the hop plant. One of the biggest benefits of using hops is that it can reduce inflammation and dryness. This means your scalp should be less itchy and sore. You can also expect to experience less dandruff and get a new shine to your hair. Hops have been used for many years, so it’s no wonder that more and more companies are including it in their products.

These are a few of the options when it comes to botanical ingredients, and there are quite a few more that have great benefits for your hair. If you use these and experience visible results, you could try adding a few others to see what they do for your hair. The most important thing is to get your hair as healthy as possible without making it worse or drying it out. With that said, make sure you aren’t overloading your hair because it could cause the opposite of what you’re trying to do.

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