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How Can I Protect My Home and Family From Intruders?

Although it may not seem like it, violent crime has been decreasing for years. However, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t take steps to ensure the safety of our home and family. A dog can alert a family by barking at an intruder, or an app can send an alert to our phone when a motion sensor is activated. Fortunately, there are many solutions that one can employ to increase safety and guard against home intruders.

Get a Dog

The classic “guard” dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers are certainly some of the most imposing dogs and will make any potential home intruder think long and hard; however, the reality is that nearly any dog can be an effective guard. One of the biggest threats to a burglar or home intruder is noise, and even a smaller dog can be trained to alert and bark in response to proper stimuli. This is usually enough to convince the would-be-robber to pick a different, quieter target for their nefarious activity.

Recording Devices Covering Outside the Home

Outdoor cameras, such as those on video doorbells, can act as a deterrent to would-be intruders. Security systems with cameras have the potential to capture their face, clothing, movements and actions–all on a nice little video that the police can view if needed. Placing cameras in a position to cover potential entry points such as doors and ground-level windows can significantly impact the decision made by a potential ne’er-do-well. Additionally, these cameras can often be controlled via phone apps, allowing owners to view live looks and access, and can be combined with other security features like smart locks.

Connect With Neighbors

The last thing a burglar needs is an active community looking out for each other. While a traditional Neighborhood Watch program can be helpful, it can be as simple as having a few sets of eyes on your house. This can be especially useful when you are away. Neighbors can help keep trash in order, empty a mailbox, hold packages, trim the yard and more. All this will help make it seem like your home is in order and occupied.

Use Smart Locks and Garage Door Openers

Many of burglar’s first action is to simply try to open the door. Most homes already use deadbolt locks and garage door openers. However, with digital Smart Locks and Openers, your home’s entrances can be controlled at any time from anywhere via an app, no hidden key required. This can be combined with cameras to confirm a person’s identity and then allow them access, even if you aren’t home. With Smart Locks, there are no more guessing games wondering if you forgot to lock the front door.

Window Sensors

Once fairly exclusive to expensive home security companies, today’s technological proliferation means window sensors can be purchased from a variety of home improvement stores or online and are generally quick and easy to install. Depending on your window style, burglars may be able to pry them open with surprising speed. A properly placed sensor can detect unwanted opening or breakage and set off an alarm and ping an app. For those who don’t want or can’t have dogs, this can be a sensible alternative.

Use Automatic or Smart Exterior Lighting

The best way to combat home intrusion is to know what a potential intruder wants: fast, easy, quiet, and low visibility entrance to a home. Automatic lights, including newer Smart Lighting systems, deny burglars the ability to remain in low visibility, even on the darkest of nights. Few things will send an intruder running faster than to have their stealthy approach foiled by sudden flooding of bright light over an area. Best installed near potential home entry points like doors and garages, these lights can also help friendly visitors find their footing in addition to acting as a deterrent.

The thought of someone breaking into your home to steal your things or even assault your family can be terrifying. However, these solutions and security systems should give hope and inspiration that we can take control of our homes and environments. The power to be safe and secure is in our capable hands.

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