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How to Keep Your Home Safe for Children

Kids are curious by nature, and that’s why it’s important to make your home a safe place for them to roam. Certain precautions will help ensure your child doesn’t gain access to any harmful items. Here are a few areas that need extra attention.

Secure Medicine Cabinets

Your child doesn’t know the difference between medication and candy, and kids will put anything into their mouths. That’s why you need to keep your medicine cabinet secure. A child ingesting medication they aren’t meant to have can lead to major problems.

You should keep medications in their original bottles because they are designed to make it difficult for young small children to open them. To take it one step further, keep your medication out of your child’s reach. It’s possible to find latches that children can’t open easily. Your medicine cabinet will be even more secure if you use these on the doors.

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Cover Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are extremely tempting for toddlers on the move. Your child may try to stick their fingers or toys into outlets, and this can lead to a severe electrical shock. Childproof covers are an absolute necessity for outlets your child can reach.

Even with outlet covers, make sure to keep an eye on your child once they are cruising. Some children figure out how to remove the covers, and this will require more work on your part to keep your child safe. Placing large furniture in front of outlets can help until your child learns the rules for safety.

Cover Sharp Edges

Children who are learning to walk are not extremely steady on their feet. While it can be cute to watch them grasp for support, it can also be dangerous if you have furniture with sharp corners. Tables with hard edges can hurt a child if they fall and strike them.

Use bumpers for sharp edges until your child is secure on their feet. Though many bumpers are only designed for the corners, there are other types that can be wrapped around entire tables. Depending on how accident-prone your child is, the latter may be a worthwhile investment. Some parents also choose to remove furniture that is unsafe until their child is walking securely.

Children are resilient, but it’s still important to do everything you can to keep them safe. A few precautions can make a big difference.

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