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Are you a good candidate for a grocery delivery service? This can be as simple as getting your produce and frozen foods delivered or signing up for a meal prep subscription. No matter your cooking or eating style, there are many people who can benefit from this service.

You’re a Mom

A grocery trip with small children can be a nightmare. From a crowded parking lot to too many distractions for your little one to handle slow checkout lines, you may feel that your energy could be better directed than dealing with grocery shopping. If you are a little squeamish about someone else handling your food, remember that several people already have. From the picker to the packager to the truck to the shelf, your groceries pass through many hands. Convenience and stress-free grocery procurement are a small price to pay to have to wash your produce, which you’re probably doing anyway.

You’re Sick or Injured

If you’re temporarily injured, such as recovering from a broken bone or surgery, you may not have access to a handicapped placard. While the cast on a broken arm may not make it hard to walk across the lot, you may find that letting the cast get cold can, in fact, be very painful. Broken bones, in particular, can make getting around complicated, especially with multiple fractures or complicated fractures that required open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) surgery for repair. Your body is busy healing, so exposure to anything from a nasty cold to mononucleosis can set you back. 

You Eat a Consistent Diet

For some people, cooking is a creative act, and shopping for food is fun. However, if your diet is fairly steady and your cooking style simple, grocery shopping can get boring. Anyone who has a pretty standard meal rotation could benefit from a delivery service. In fact, you may feel compelled to tip your delivery person for the time you save shopping for the same things each week. 

You Are Insanely Busy

You know you should be eating better, and you’re happy to do that when life slows down a little bit. However, life will stay crazy busy for the foreseeable future, so you keep hitting the drive-thru at the end of your long days and struggling with the guilt you feel for making poor food choices. Sound familiar? Indulge in some self-care. Have your Instacart shopper (or whichever grocery delivery service you choose) bring you good food, so you don’t have to find time to shop. Rather than spending your limited free time shopping, you can spend it preparing good food for the week to come. You’ll be investing in your future health instead of feeling bad about that burger and fries.

It’s said that time is money. This is inaccurate. Money can be found in an old pair of jeans or your sock drawer, and technically you can make more of it anytime you please. Time, once gone, is out of your hands forever. Grocery delivery services serve multiple purposes, and one of them is to provide you with the time you would have spent at the store back in your hands to use as you wish.

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