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The Pawfect Passenger: What You Need to Know About Driving With Your Dog

So you’re going on a road trip, or perhaps just down the street to the convenience store, and you want to bring your furry best friend along with you. Driving with your dog is totally okay, provided you follow a few basic rules. Here is everything you need to know about driving with your dog and how to make it a successful trip for both of you.

Safety First

Eighty percent of dog owners bring their dogs along when they run errands or take a road trip. People do it safely every day. There are a few safety tips, though, that you should remember. First, keep your dog away from your feet where the brake and accelerator pedals are located. In an emergency, you may not have quick access to the brake pads, and your dog in the way will not help the situation. Ideally, you want to place your dog in the backseat, where they have more freedom of movement and are less likely to interfere with your driving. Many drivers opt for a barrier between the front and back seats to keep their dog separated from them while they drive.

Keep Them Calm

Traveling in the car for an extended period of time can be scary for some dogs. One strategy that works with some dogs is to place them in a kennel (if they like it and feel comfortable in it), then to cover the kennel with a cloth that prevents the light from outside from coming in. This can help the dog calm down by reducing the amount of incoming stimulation of the whirling cars and scenery. The overstimulation factor is a huge reason why some dogs get so anxious during road trips.

Pee Breaks

It’s always nice to get to your destination quickly when you’re on a road trip, but when you’re traveling with a dog, you can’t just plough through the drive without a break. If you’re not careful, you may become distracted and forget to let your dog out to do his or her business. If this is the case, you might have a mess on your hands. Eliminate this worry with regularly scheduled potty breaks, usually three hours or so apart.

While taking your dog with you on a drive can be a fun experience, it’s important to take precautions to keep you and your furry friend safe. So the next time you decide to take your dog with you in the car, make sure that you follow these tips so you can both have a great time traveling together.

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