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Top 3 Fashion Trends to Follow in 2019

If you want to fill your closet with the latest fashion trends, then there are some new clothes that you will want to add to your wardrobe for 2019. These trends have recently been on the runways in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. You may want to consider incorporating these looks into your own wardrobe to have a chic, contemporary look.

Engineered Garments

American designer Daiki Suzuki, who is originally from Japan, produced the first fashion-forward engineered garments in 1999. Canoe Club explains, “the corresponding conversations between pattern, fabrication, and assembly stitch a vision of urban flair and workwear elements together with humble utility – a total delight of creativity without pretension.” Many are built around iconic American fashions like early military uniforms, hunting clothes, and flannel men’s work shirts. Bold plaids are one of the hottest trends in Engineered Garments, and you might like to add a few different ones to your wardrobe this season.

Gender-Fluid Wear

The menswear world is becoming increasingly feminine in its designs. Dazed explains that men can now go into clothing stores and find gender-fluid wear, including pleated skirts, candy cane knee-high socks, and tunic tops adorned with feathers. Recently, the trend has taken to some of the industry’s red carpets with women wearing clothing from the menswear collections and men wearing clothing from womenswear collections. One of the hottest looks is men wearing sheer shirts for dressy occasions. Many are embracing this clothing trend with companies that offer the style making more money than in recent years. This movement is sometimes called androgynous.

Street Style

Black is back in a big way for 2019, and people are accepting it from head to toe. Tulle frocks, leather harnesses, and asymmetrical little black dresses done in all black highlighted the runways this year. These elaborate outfits are often adorned with a little black fur in unusual places to give them a unique twist. Whether on cargo pants or cocktail dresses, street style is also embracing asymmetrical hemlines in a big way. Mix as many different textures together as possible to give your outfit an interesting look. For example, Frilly recommends pairing psychedelic prints with retro faux fur.

Start by deciding which of these looks is your favorite. Then, add pieces in that style to your wardrobe. When you choose to wear them, your friends will know that you are keeping up with the hottest fashion trends. You can even mix and match these styles if you choose by wearing a black jean jacket cut in a classic style with a black tunic top over a pair of black cargo pants. You’re only limited by your imagination!

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